Corporate Culture


Reliability and a strong connection to our client are exceedingly important to us. Impeccable professional and lawful conduct, following the ideal of the honorable tradesman, is of paramount importance to our company. These values guarantee our client successful future ventures.

Guiding Principles

Owner-Managed Family Business

A multigenerational model is at the core of our business. We value the power of identification. A cooperative style of management, combined with flat hierarchies and an excellent working environment are pillars of our family business.

Service Concept

Client satisfaction is our primary success factor. To guarantee optimal service our employees use their sector-specific know-how to implement the risk-management-concept we have been tasked to create for our client.

Corporate Culture and Continuity

Credibility and strong personal loyalty, as well as impeccable lawful and ethical conduct, are of equal value to us as nurturing a strong community spirit and sense of belonging in our employees.

Employee Qualification and Expertise

Our Employees actively utilize their knowledge and skill to create creative solutions for our clients. An obligation to continually learn and advance guarantees our customers competent and holistic advice.

Cooperative Partnership

In an increasingly anonymous market, maintaining strong partnerships is a long-term advantage and factor in our success. Cooperative partnerships based on good faith require us to consider our client’s best interests and oblige us to act in an upright and loyal manner.

When choosing our partners, we focus mainly on, among other criteria, the amount of equity our partner is equipped with so that any claims are secured.


Flexibility, conservation of our legal structure and entrepreneurial freedom are cornerstones of our independence which is essential to the services we provide and which we must maintain.