Renewable Energies

The renewable energies sector has high hopes for the future, not only in Germany. Operations in this young industry are highly reliant on their technically complex production facilities.Whether it be solar, wind or biomatter derived energy, technically complex facilities running around the clock are exposed to high risks.

von Rauchhaupt & Senftleben has been a risk and insurance consultant for investors and operators from the getgo, allowing us to build extensive sector-specific knowledge in securing investment costs. We have devised plant-specific risk solutions that exceed market standards by far and meet the sector’s needs. For instance, our vR&S concept for biogas plants offers a market leading all-risk-concept, which secures biogas and biomethane plants against all risks, including:

  • Property insurance
  • Machine insurance
  • Liabilities insurance (including environmental liability insurance)
  • Loss of income and cost insurance

We assist our clients in all phases of a project, from building to running the plant, and help identify and manage liability risks, i.e., supply and customer contracts. In case of damages, we offer our clients professional support in realizing their claims.