Damage Management

The Claim Event – vR&S Offers Extensive Claims Management

Regarding business insurance, we distinguish between frequently occurring, minimal damages and major damages. Both must be addressed in our client’s best interests but require a fundamentally different approach.

Frequent Damages

Entrepreneurs want to minimalize the paperwork involved in handling frequent damages; the risk taker should approve and confirm the transfer of damages without creating unnecessary administrative costs.

vR&S develops damage management systems working closely with our client and tailored to our client's industry which satisfies the needs of all parties involved, with the dual goal of ensuring our client receives due benefits while minimalizing necessary effort.

On demand, we will provide you with the My-vR&S platform, which shows you your current insurance program and keeps you up to date on any claims.

Major Damages

Existential damages put clients in a situation, in which they require fast response and competent assistance. As your active partner, we will fight for your cause so that you receive quality support in time.

Using a timetable necessary steps are coordinated together with our client. We stand by your side with our tested network of Experts, Engineers, Lawyers, and Consultants and help coordinate necessary steps and appointments.

In the event of damage, our role encompasses everything from carrying out all negotiations with risk takers, selecting Experts for possible lawsuits, talks over payments on accounts and assessing expert reports to handling the payoff.

We will gladly support you in initializing possible regresses, as well as in negotiations with authorities.

Delivering in a worst-case scenario is a defining aspect of our quality.