The extreme cost development of liability insurance for hospitals is a prime example for the dynamism of insurance markets. Premiums have risen in recent years thanks to bad damages trends and fewer risk takers in the market. This burden is hard to manage for many hospitals. Similar trends can be made out in the fields of building, inventory and operational disruptions insurance. A streak of major damage cases has led to rising premiums and withdrawal of several insurers out of the market.

The vR&S Team offers hospital operators, groups of clinics and rehabilitation facilities a cost and risk optimized insurance concept that is tailored to the individual exposure and philosophy of the entity.

As an independent insurance broker, we represent our client's interests in case of claims. Our goal with any damage management system is the efficient processing of frequent damages and complete processing of major damage incidents.

If required, we will implement a custom risk management software together with our partner, which, apart from conforming to regulatory conditions, offers a holistic approach to reducing liability damages to reduce premiums for liabilities insurance in the long run.

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